Song: Your Guardian Angel / Artist: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Size: 27.1MB / Length: 03:17
Description: 3 of my fave couples wrapped into one vid. Richard/Kahlan, Danny/Lindsay, and Nathan/Haley. Thanks for help with the coloring Amy!

Show: Flashpoint / Song: Life Left To Go / Artist: Safetysuit
Size: 14.0MB / Length: 01:52
Description: Such a sad episode and I just made a mini episodic vid of Lou's last moments. Spike tries to do everything to save him.

Show: MIOBI / Song: Come On Get Higher / Artist: Matt Nathanson
Size: 16.0MB / Length: 02:00
Description: Just a short vid of how Damon really wants to be with Emily.

Show: CSI:NY / Song: Wondeful Surprise / Artist: Shawn Hlookoff
Size: 41.0MB / Length: 04:23
Description: Danny wasn't expecting to fall in love, but it happened. Lindsay is by his side always.

Show: Ugly Betty / Song: Everyday / Artist: Rascal Flatts
Size: 26.7MB / Length: 02:44
Description: Daniel can always count on Betty when he needs her. She has saved him many times.


Song: Just Want You To Know / Artist: Backstreet Boys
Size: 22.1MB / Length: 04:03
Description: Landon really loved Jamie, and he will always remember the love they shared.

Taken Down(retired Videos)
Song: Keep Holding On / Artist: Avril Lavigne
Description: Elizabeth and David will find a way to be together, they just have to hold on.

Song: Somewhere Only We Know / Artist: Keane
Description: Alex and Kate fall in love through the connection they make at the lake house.
Awards: X X X X X
Review: This was a very endearing video. That's what was really nice about it. I could feel the connection between the song and the video. You did a nice editing job Jay! Great job! - Elion

Song: Someone For Me / Artist: Lil Suzy
Description: Josie wants to fall in love, something she hasn't known before and she knows her true love is out there.
Awards: X X X

Song: To Make You Feel My Love / Artist: Garth Brooks
Size: 26.4 MB / Length: 04:14
Description: Noah wants Allie to remember their love and come back to him.
Awards: X X X X X