General Hospital

Song: You and Me / Artist: Lifehouse
Size: 16.8MB / Length: 02:31
Description: It's been a long time since I made a JaSam vid. It's dedicated to all you awesome JaSam fans. This video simply shows how much Jason loves Sam.

Song: I'll Stand By You / Artist: Glee Cast
Size: 17.2MB / Length: 04:16
Description: Jason is always there for Sam. He won't let anything harm her, and is always by her side when she needs him the most.

Song: Stay With You / Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Size: 29.7MB / Length: 04:08
Description: No matter what, Jason will stay by Sam's side.

Song: How Do I Breathe / Artist: Mario
Size: 27.1MB / Length: 04:00
Description: Jason can't breathe without Sam in his life and wishes he wouldn't have pushed her away.

Song: Feel This / Artist: Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
Size: 18.5MB / Length: 03:17
Description: Sam wants Jason to let all the bad stuff go, and believe in their love.

Song: You're All I Have / Artist: Snow Patrol
Size: 25.4MB / Length: 04:32
Description: Sam is the only one Lucky can turn to. He's quickly falling for her.

Song: On The Way Down / Artist: Ryan Cabrera
Size: 20.9MB / Length: 03:36
Description: My first LuSam video. Lucky is no longer happy with Liz. He finds happiness with Sam.