Song: This Is My Now / Artist: Jordin Sparks
Size: 13.4MB / Length: 01:51
Description: A short Haley vid of her realizing that singing is what she wants to do.

Song: After Afterall / Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Size: 15.0MB / Length: 01:58
Description: This video shows how much Clay misses Sara and how he wishes she was still with him.

Song: Is It You / Artist: Cassie
Size: 19.8MB / Length: 03:08
Description: Haley likes Nathan and Lucas, and she doesn't know who she truly wants to be with.

Song: Broken / Artist: Lifehouse
Size: 37.9MB / Length: 04:53
Description: Lucas fell apart when Keith died and is trying to hold on to the memories.
Awards: X X
Taken Down(Retired Videos)
Song: The Kill(Bury Me) / Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Description: An angsty cast video of all the hard times and heartache from seasons 1-4.
Awards: X X X X X X X X X X X

Review: I know this features One Tree Hill, which is obviously a more dramatic show than many, but I am still amazed at just how much you packed into this! It’s basically an overview of all the drama (up to and during) season 4. The song choice worked really well, which I wouldn’t necessarily expect before seeing, so great job on your clip selection. I think the most intense moment was the musical bridge (starting at 2.20) to show the most of what they’ve all been going through. The end, with them all crying on their own, was heartbreaking, but a really good way of ending the video. Overall, a very emotional video! Hope to see more from you in future rounds =) - dooski @ Complicated Love

Song: Happy Boys & Girls / Artist: Aqua
Size: 8.8MB / Length: 03:45
Description:A cast video of only the happy, fun moments.
Awards: X X X X X X X X X X X